Rated Sports Group Event Management


WHY PARTNER with Rated Sports?

We understand the nuts and bolts of executing an event and how to make it profitable.  For most clubs, a tournament is the number one fundraising vehicle each year – we deliver profits to clubs!

With a diluted market place for soccer events, organizing a successful tournament today involves much more than posting a site with a link for registration.  Getting out of the gates early to market, plan, and organize and personally connecting with teams across the country is key.
The logistics can seem endless – setting up lodging, executing promotions, attracting sponsors, establishing merchandising programs and list goes on.  Each item needs to be executed in a timely fashion to maximize profits and that’s why we are here for you.


Rated Sports delivers on all aspects, providing you and your staff with a set of tools and services designed to keep connected with your teams while ensuring the prestige brand of your club name.

Tournament Deliverables: